Whose deposits are guaranteed by law?
In accordance with the Law «On guarantees of protection of citizens deposits in banks» the deposits of the citizens of the Republic of Uzbekistan, foreign citizens, and non-citizenship persons in the commercial banks of the Republic of Uzbekistan are guaranteed.
What deposits are not guaranteed?
In accordance with the law the following funds are not guaranteed:   in citizens’ deposits in banks for which by the legislation the special rule of guarantee is accepted; transfer by citizens to banks in trust; in the accounts of the bearer; placed in accounts of individuals persons engage...
Are citizens’ deposits in all banks of Uzbekistan guaranteed?
The Fund guarantees citizens deposits in commercial banks (including their affiliates), made the written agreement with the Fund. Now all existing commercial banks in the country, except the People's Bank, which deposits are guaranteed by the government, have corresponding agreements with the Fund.
In what cases the Fund guarantees the compensation payment on citizen deposits?
The Fund guarantees the compensation payment of citizen deposits in banks in the event of withdrawal by the Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan the commercial bank license for conducting banking transactions.   The guarantees of the compensation payment on citizens’ deposits in banks are no...
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