21ST IADI APRC Annual Meeting took place in Fukuoka, Japan

From May 29 to the 1st of June of 2023, the Deposit Insurance Corporation of Japan hosted IADI APRC Annual Meeting and International Conference on the topic of “Evolving Towards a New Era: Renovating Traditional Tools and Integrating New Approaches by Deposit Insurers”.

The event started on May 29th with a discussion of training and technical assistance, research and publications, strategic priorities, and future action plans of APRC. The next day during the international conference, information about global and regional financial trends and their potential risks was presented which was followed by how deposit insurers are evolving to cope with the changes, which included more intimate regional cooperation between them. On the last day, heads of deposit insurance organizations gathered for the annual meeting where the next steps for APRC were discussed.

During the event, the delegates from the Fund led by Director Nodir Abbosov privately met with representatives of the Deposit Insurance Corporation of Japan (DICJ) led by DICJ’s Governor Hidenori Mitsui in order to discuss the ways to strengthen collaboration between the organizations and proceeded to sign EOL (Exchange of Letters) which laid the foundation for closer relations and a potential memorandum of understanding.

The fund also had a short meeting with the delegates of Korea Deposit Insurance Corporation (KDIC) led by KDIC’s Chairman & President JaeHoon Yoo on the prospect of bringing organizations closer by signing a memorandum of understanding in the near future.